I don’t feel good, caught something from my granddaughter which added to my “I feel like shit” day. Took the day off from work.

Oh yeah, the oil is still infusing. When I FINALLY do decant the oil and make my salve, medicinally it’ll be good for my extremely dry skin. It’s the right time of the year. My skin gets so dry in the colder weather that it causes a small eczema breakout.

I’ve still got to put up some tinctures, about seven of them. I also would like to do another echinacea tincture. I just might buy a half gallon of vodka this week and do them all. We’ll see.

I’ve got all of these crochet supplies including a how to book. My goal was to relearn (My mother taught me when I was about eight or nine years old) and make afghans, blankets, hats, gloves, etc. Haven’t done anything about that either. Nor the cross stitch. As with the oil, will NOT post the day when, but will post when it’s started/done.

I’m now working seven days a week. The twisted thing about this? My body clock has gotten used to it which scares me a bit. Hey, I take care of myself and MooMoo so I need the money. That’s what I remind myself when my ass is dragging.

Will be adding a few blogs that I read tonight. Just don’t feel like scrolling thru my bookmarks nor doing a search on the net when I want to read them.

The on-going war with myself to quit smoking is still happening. I’ve been smoking & not smoking. My recent e cigarette purchase pisses me off. The two original batteries in my kit have died already. I just bought the kit late July I believe. Freaking A, not cheap. I’ll be ordering a mix-n-match kit from “The Vapor Girl” tomorrow so we’ll see. Until I’m satisfied, the war rages on.

On the bright side? I bought a Keurig brewer. One of the best purchase I’ve ever made. My favorite coffee in less than a minute. Love it 🙂