I recently had a 20lb ovarian tumor removed from me(January 7th).  In the same surgery, I had an appendectomy, a hysterectomy and partial colon surgery.  I had to wear this goddess-awful wound vac that reminded me of this Star Trek episode in which Captain Kirk wore this belt with a red button in the middle.  I hated it.  But my gyn oncologist removed it a week ago for which I am eternally grateful (On top of being grateful for my life).

Because of the type of tumor I had, I will have to have a colonoscopy to make sure that I do not have colon cancer.  And I’ll have to go back every three months to be screened for cancer(My doctor did perform a biopsy on all removed and one of the ovaries tested positive for ovarian cancer).

On the bright side?  I do not have any signs of cancer now.  Dr. Dillon said that he felt it unnecessary to go thru a round of chemo.  I do have to have the colon test but I’m not afraid of the possible results.

I was afraid when I was told that I had ovarian cancer.  I wanted my parents(deceased).  I hadn’t thought about dying (I did get lucky.  If I had waited any longer, then the possibility of my death would have been greater).  I had been so depressed by the possibility of my own demise until I saw Dr. Dillon yesterday.  I recently posted on Facebook that “I do not believe that many people are afraid of death.  They just do not think too much about it until the possibility smacks them in the face.”  It’s the truth, isn’t it?

Thank the gods for my family and friends.  I have one of the best support networks anyone could ask for 🙂  I love all of them so very much.

I go back to work on February 15th(Thank you Dr. Dillon).  I’ve been going insane not doing anything.  That and I miss not having a paycheck.

I learned some big lessons going thru this.  Don’t take your life or anything else for granted.  Take care of yourself and your health.  Appreciate the life you have, the people in your life, love them and love yourself.  A good phrase:  “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  Be grateful for what you have, not pine for what you don’t have.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Dillon & Dr. Myers of the D’Amour Cancer Center in Springfield, MA and all of the staff at Baystate Medical/Wesson Women’s for the care that they gave me.  Thank you to my favorite nurses:  Marie, Sheila, Sue.  There are others too 🙂  And thank you to Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen (Chicopee, MA) for giving me a dinner some nights while I was out of work.  The food was awesome and you guys are terrific for giving of yourselves.  Alot of people (myself included) could learn about giving from all of you.