I think “spontaneous” is better 🙂

As you can see, I do not post on a regular basis.  From time to time, I even (goddess forbid) forget that I even have a blog.

You should check out Susun Weed’s new online course “Your Healthy Heart.”  Entering midlife, I find myself very concerned with my health and my heart health is top on the list (Remaining cancer free is number one).  This course is well thought out.  It is divided into three sections and you can pay for each “as you” take them ($125) or save $80 ($295) and pay a one time fee.

I will be taking this course in 2015 as a New Year gift to myself.  I will be taking it in sections (for multiple reasons).

There is a lot of information that is already available.  Check it out!

Peace & Blessings